Programs for Professionals


We offer Keynotes and Seminars to meet the specific needs of your organization.
Recent presentations include: Mindfulness in Medicine and Healthcare, The Mindful Educator, Mindful Presence in Group Therapy, Mindfulness Goes to School.

Workshops for Professionals

We offer two basic workshops for professionals, which are designed as full day events, and can deliver up to 7 hours of continuing education credit. (Psychologists, social workers, counselors)
The material from these workshops can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs for trainings — for content, timing, and CE credit. We will be happy to consult with you to provide just what you and your organization need.

Workshop #1:

Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Interventions:
An Introduction for Clinicians

Learn the theory and have the experience:

This workshop offers a balance of didactic content and experiential learning.  The didactic material emphasizes the evidence base for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and the other mindfulness-based interventions used with a wide range of diagnoses and populations. The experiential modules offer an introduction to the key mindfulness practices presented in MBSR, and give clinicians a chance to learn how to guide several short practices that can be immediately used with clients and patients.

Who should attend?

The workshop is intended for clinical professionals in mental health and medicine, including psychologists, clinical social workers, professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, as well as physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, and hospital social workers.

  • Introduce the axioms of mindfulness, and review the neurobiology of practice
  • Review the evidence for mindfulness based interventions in medicine and psychotherapy
  • Directly experience key mindfulness practices
  • Learn how mindfulness can increase therapeutic presence and empathy, and counteract compassion fatigue
  • Learn simple practices for immediate use with clients and patients

Workshop #2:

Developing the Skills of the Teacher for Mindfulness-Based Interventions

Meeting the challenges of teaching mindfulness

Teachers in the MBIs continuously develop across two dimensions: (a) personal and relational effects of their own ongoing mindfulness practice, and (b) mastery of four interrelated skill sets. This daylong event facilitates growth in both dimensions. It is designed as a skill development workshop nested within a mindfulness community co-created by participants and instructors in the moment.

The day will provide a container to support participants’ personal practice and self-exploration, while simultaneously demonstrating and revealing the effects of the skills required of a teacher of mindfulness.

The four important skill sets

This workshop will help participants develop and hone concrete skills that can be put to use immediately:

    1) Stewardship: Learn how the teacher assists in co-creating safety in, and caring for, the group or class
    2) Homiletics: Learn how the teacher can deliver didactic material without lecturing, but rather while inviting conversation with members of the group
    3) Guidance: Learn the uses of language and embodiment that improve individual and group experience of the formal practices and informal practices that teachers lead
    4) Inquiry: Learn the all-important philosophical stance and the modes of engaging, questioning, and supporting students in dialogue about their direct experience of the present moment
Learning Objectives:

  • Define and demonstrate the four essential skills of the teacher in the MBIs
  • Identify and plan how to address specific skills or areas of personal practice that are a “growing edge” for further development
  • Describe the effects of a co-created mindful community as a container for learning and self-exploration

Day-Long Retreats

One- day retreats for teachers of Mindfulness- Based Interventions, mindfulness-based psychotherapists, and other experienced practitioners using mindfulness in their professional work. These retreats emphasize practicing what we teach. There are periods of formal mindfulness practice, time for personal reflection and for group discussion and sharing about the joys and challenges of integrating mindfulness into professional life.

Multi-Day Retreats

Weekend and 5 day retreats for teachers of Mindfulness – Based Interventions and other professionals integrating mindfulness into their work. Reteats include extended formal practice time, exercises for exploring our experience as professionals bringing mindfulness to our work, skill building sessions, group process/community-building and unstructured time for personal nourishment in natural settings.

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